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Winners of the 2022 APALA Awards.

Colorín Colorado celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage all year long with books, activities, and classroom resources.

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These booklists celebrate the diversity, history, and resilience of the AAPI community.


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Xiao-lin Yin-Croft

Building Bridges: An Interview with a Chinese Educator of ELLs

Originally from China, Xiao-lin Yin-Croft learned English as an adult and now helps young Chinese students in the U.S. bridge the cultural and language gap that they face from an early age. In this interview, Xiao-lin shares her experiences coming of age as a student in China's Cultural Revolution, and describes the strategies she uses to help her students develop the language skills they need to succeed in the U.S.

From the Classroom: Working with Chinese ELLs

Xiao-lin Yin-Croft offers some insight on Chinese immigrant communities in the U.S. and how cultural influences shape Chinese students' experiences in the classroom. She also offers some ideas about outreach to Chinese parents and describes some particular nuances that Chinese students struggle with when learning English, including details of pronunciation, grammar, and language usage.

Multilingual Tips for Families

The following resources are available in multiple languages:

Providing a Safe Environment for AAPI Students and Families

Video: How school leaders can respond to anti-Asian bullying and violence

Principal Victor Tam urges school leaders to consider how the rise in anti-AAPI violence during COVID-19 impacts their students and families — and how to respond as a leader in the community.

Video: What it felt like to be bullied

Principal Tam recalls his experiences being bullied as a young Chinese immigrant in the United States.

DREAMers & DACA: Information for Schools

Diverse backgrounds among undocumented immigrants

The undocumented population of the U.S. includes immigrants from around the world. Many of those individuals are advocating for more visibility in conversations about immigration. Here are some resources that highlight that diversity:

Classroom Resources

Learn more about the resources that organizations such as the Smithsonian Institution and PBS offer about AAPI Heritage and History.

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