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Colorín Colorado Blog: Helping ELLs Succeed

Welcome to our Colorín Colorado blog!  This blog is focused on helping English language learners (ELLs) succeed in the classroom, with a special focus on strategies and tools that that support the use of college- and career-ready standards with ELLs.

The blog includes updates from the ELL field about topics such as language proficiency standards and assessments, as well as practical tips for developing academic language, helping ELLs tackle grade-level content, and collaborating with colleagues.

For related content, see our  Common Core and ELLs resource section.  You can also browse blog posts by topic.

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We are excited to announce that our Common Core and ELLs blog has moved to the new Colorín Colorado website!  Now you can see all of our great resources in one place. We will continue sharing updates on the Common Core and ELLs, as well as other strategies and tools that support of implementation of college- and career-ready standards with ELLs.

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This blog post focuses on ELL considerations that are important for schools and districts to address in planning their assessments, including accommodations on CCSS content assessments and aspects of computer-based assessment might prove to be especially challenging for ELLs.  It also recommends some resources to support ELLs’ success in computer-based testing.


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