ELL Literacy Resources: CSI 2022

Students looking at plants and writing

These resources were presented as part of the American Federation of Teachers' 2022 CSI Leadership Institute. Slides from the session this PDF.

Photo credit: Photo by Allison Shelley for EDUimages

Getting to Know ELLs

Special populations of ELLs

Video: Getting to know your ELLs and why it matters

Video: Why a student hid his Indigenous identity

Reading Instruction for ELLs

Background Knowledge

Video: Using "realia" to build background knowledge

Video: Building Social Studies background knowledge for ELLs

Scaffolding Instruction

Video: Using sentence frames with ELLs

Academic Language

Cultural Responsive Instruction for ELLs

Engaging Families

Books & Authors

Video: Sylvia Acevedo on changing the oil in the family car

Video: Matt de la Peña talks about how language worked in his family

Video: Matt de la Peña reflects on why his books are easier to find in some schools than others

Putting It All Together: Deaborn, MI

You Are Welcome Here: Supporting the Social and Emotional Health of Newcomer Immigrants


To see the shorter preview of our film on Dearborn, as well as additional videos from the project and related articles, please see our section Dearborn, MI.

Other Highlights

Video: Finding a friend after Hurricane Maria