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Ways to Support Long-Term English-Language Learners

The new question-of-the-week is: What are the best ways we can support Long-Term English-Language Learners? Many students in our schools are "categorized" as Long-Term English-Language Learners (commonly viewed as students who have been ELLs for six years or more).  This series will explore what that term means, and how we can support students who fit into that criteria.

This teacher raised money for 1,000 books so her students would learn to love reading

To teach a love of reading, Corrina Reamer starts by writing. Each fall, she pens a letter to her 11th grade English class at T.C. Williams High School International Academy in Northern Virginia. She tells the students who she is: where she's from, the jobs she has held, which TV shows she favors. Then, she asks for a reply. "I read all of those letters," Reamer said. Over the next few weeks, "I think about it. I come up with three-to-five books for each kid, and we sit down, face-to-face, to read the jackets."

Jason Reynolds Officially Becomes National Ambassador of Young People's Literature at Library of Congress Ceremony

The medal has officially been passed. At an inauguration ceremony at the Library of Congress on Thursday, author Jason Reynolds became the seventh National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature. He will hold the post for two years. When it was Reynolds’s turn to speak, he vowed to uphold the responsibility and, he too, told a couple of stories. The first directly related to his platform as ambassador, "GRAB THE MIC: Tell Your Story." He was on an author visit at the middle school in Florida when he watched a girl stand with him in front of staff and students and gain the courage to speak into the microphone. She was visibly moved by hearing her voice reverberate around the room.

Teaching, Technology, and English-Learners: 5 Things to Know

Teachers who work with English-language learners are more apt to use general digital resources rather than tools designed specifically for English-learners, a recently released report from the U.S. Department of Education indicates.

Worcester to Expand Bilingual Education

Equipped with a couple of new grants from the state, the Worcester schools plan to begin expanding their bilingual program to the high school level next year, with the goal of eventually having a dual language option in every grade.

What It Takes to Apply Restorative Practices in Schools

What are practical ways to implement restorative practices? Today, Erika Niles, Gina Laura Gullo, Cheryl Staats, Kelly Capatosto, Ricky Robertson, Victoria Romero, and Dr. Laura Greenstein share their recommendations.