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Native candidates score in legislative, other bids

While 14 Native candidates were running for U.S. House and Senate in Tuesday’s elections, dozens more were looking to make their mark at the state and local level. They included notable candidates for statewide office, legislatures and courts.

On Immigration, Biden's Biggest Promises Likely Hinge On Who Controls The Senate

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to reverse many controversial Trump administration actions related to immigration in the first days of his administration. But other recent changes to the U.S. immigration system may take months, if not years, to unwind. And experts say Biden's ability to reshape the country's immigration system will depend on control of the Senate.

Teacher-Recommended Tools for Online Learning

In this series, educators answer the question, "What are your up to three 'go-to' online tools this year?  Please explain in detail how you use each one, including linked examples." 

Q&A: Reem Faruqi, Author of "Unsettled"

Reem Faruqi moved to Peachtree City, Georgia, from Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, when she was 13 years old. Of Pakistani origin, Reem based her first award-winning children’s book "Lailah's Lunchbox" on her own experiences as a young Muslim girl immigrating to the United States. She has three new books projected for 2021, her debut middle grade book "Unsettled" (HarperCollins 2021), and two picture books: "Amira's Picture Day" (Holiday House 2021) and "I Can Help." (Eerdmans 2021). Currently, she lives with her husband and three daughters in Atlanta. In this author Q&A, she discusses "Unsettled."

They learned English from watching Alex Trebek

Elly Shariat spoke only Farsi when she moved to the US from Iran as a young girl. But when her father introduced her to "Jeopardy!" her world opened up. She learned to pronounce words that appeared on screen. Her dad even paid her 25 cents when she got answers right. For millions of Americans, Alex Trebek felt like one of the family. Millions of "Jeopardy!" viewers loved him for the way he deadpanned rap lyrics while impeccably dressed. He made stars out of some contestants and lightheartedly needled them, too. But for scores of first-generation Americans and their families, Alex Trebek helped teach them English five nights a week.

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Justin Minkel: In a Time of Calamity, What Do Children Need from Us?

Teachers and parents have always faced a tough balancing act when it comes to the children in our care. How much of our job is to shield them from the ugly parts of the world, and how much is to help them learn, process, and prepare for that ugliness?

This Anchorage mom is trying to keep up with her kids’ online learning and keep a business afloat

The school day started around 9 a.m. in a tidy mobile home in South Anchorage where Elisa Yepez Oregel lives with her husband and their four kids. Vanessa, a fourth grader at Klatt Elementary, sat in front of a laptop at the kitchen table, as her teacher told her what assignments she still needed to do. From the other end of the table came the sounds of a first-grade class. A teacher was guiding students through pronouncing letters, but 6-year-old Manuel Isaac sat back in his chair and didn’t say anything. Next to him was sixth-grader Kasandra who helped her younger siblings, and also logged into her own class on another laptop. Meanwhile their mom, Yepez Oregel, talked to her son in Spanish, telling him to pay attention to his class and not hit his sister. Her youngest daughter, 2-year-old Alyssa Valentina, toddled across the floor. This is what weekday mornings have looked like for the past couple months at 36-year-old Yepez Oregel’s home. It goes on like this for a few hours. Then the kids pack up and they all head to the family’s restaurant, Pedro’s Mexican Grill.