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A Brief But Spectacular take on Dreamers pursuing higher education

Karen Vallejos is the executive director of the Dream Project, dedicated to supporting students whose immigration status may pose challenges to their academic aspirations. As a former undocumented student herself, Vallejos saw the barriers in place that prevent immigrant students from realizing their dreams. She shares her Brief But Spectacular take on Dreamers pursuing higher education.

2024 Youth Media Awards Winners

Following is a list of winners announced at this year's 2024 Youth Media Awards ceremony during ALA's Lib Learn X in Baltimore, MD. 

How one district is changing its literacy instruction to support English learners

This year, New Bedford's literacy strategy is in the midst of an overhaul. Laura Garcia, the Massachusetts district’s English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum manager, is leading the effort to revamp everything from curriculum to teacher preparation. That includes an important shift in mindset: "Home languages are honored," Garcia said.

English Learners Need Equal Access to Rich Texts. How One School Makes That Happen

As the coordinator for an English-learner program, Lisa Hoelmer walks a fine line. She knows that her EL students need extra support and specialized instruction to build their English-language skills. But she also wants them to have access to the same rich reading instruction — the high-quality texts, the in-depth conversations — that native English speakers at her school do.

Supporting Newcomer English Learners as a General Education Teacher

Newcomer ELLs, especially students with interrupted formal education (SIFEs), typically need one-on-one attention throughout their school day. Without such attention, general educators need to use alternate methods to address the needs of this special demographic. Here are some ideas.

17 New Titles to Help English Learners Improve Their Reading Skills (A sponsored post)

A Note from Karen: The following post is a sponsored post and it is the first time a post of this nature has appeared here at Teen Librarian Toolbox. As the mother of a kid with dyslexia, I believe in the importance of large print as an accessibility tool.

In a nationwide study conducted by Project Tomorrow, teachers noticed significant improvements in both literacy skills and student mindsets when introducing ELs to large print. While 50% of teachers reported increased reading comprehension and enhanced overall reading fluency, 47% also said EL students had greater confidence in their reading abilities when reading large print.2