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Collaborative, hands-on trainings crucial for English language educators

In a state where 2 in 5 public school students speak languages other than English at home, teachers need more collaborative and hands-on professional development to help bring California’s English learners to proficiency in English, educators and parents agreed during an EdSource roundtable on Thursday.

St. Louis grapples with aftermath of school shooting and widespread gun violence

The city of St. Louis is struggling to cope with the aftermath of a high school shooting. On Monday, a 19-year-old gunman killed teacher Jean Kuczka and 15-year-old student Alexandria Bell and wounded many others. With residents still on edge, local officials are facing growing pressure to address gun violence. Communities reporter Gabrielle Hays joined Amna Nawaz to discuss the latest.

Rethinking Outdoor Space for High-Quality Early Learning

Outdoor play is linked to improved outcomes in children’s social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development as well as academic gains. Early childhood outdoor learning environments (OLE) where educators use their training, professional development, and technical assistance to engage young children can promote structured and unstructured physical activity, play, and discovery. Improving OLEs in child care centers and homes is a low-cost and high-impact strategy for improving program quality, educator well-being, and children’s learning and health. Yet few child care programs receive the funding, guidance, or support to improve their outdoor settings beyond minimum health and safety requirements.

Record Numbers Of Migrants Are Crossing The Dangerous Darién Gap

According to Human Rights Watch, 32,000 people passed through the Darién Gap in August, a treacherous 66-mile stretch of jungle that straddles the border between Panama and Colombia. That's 40 times more than the same month last year and includes migrants from around the world. Many of the current migrants include families with young children who must navigate deep mud, swift river currents, and steep mountains — as well as the dangers of theft, sexual assault, and travel along drug and human trafficking routes. What's it like to trek through the Darién Gap? And why are so many more migrants choosing to make this week-long journey?

Arriving in Numbers, Newcomer Students Face Multiple Hurdles in U.S. Schools

A child who does not speak English is made to enroll in school online — in a language they don’t understand. A young Ukrainian refugee is told district staff won’t translate records from home, delaying their start date. Kristina Moon, senior attorney with the Education Law Center of Pennsylvania, has fielded such reports from across the state — all tied to a recent wave of new arrivals. She and other immigrant advocates say it’s the type of discrimination that grows when these children come to the United States in numbers as they are now, with many speaking uncommon languages.