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Madison educator teaches English on Poland-Ukraine border

Desiree Tran talked about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with her seventh graders at McFarland’s Indian Mounds Middle School in the spring. A few months later, she was teaching English in a classroom near the Poland-Ukrainian border to a mix of 12-15-year-old Ukrainian and Polish students affected by the ongoing war. Tran’s trip last month was through the American Federation of Teachers, for which she filled out an application and was one of 15 teachers chosen to be part of the experience and the only one from Wisconsin.

Hawaii has no girls in juvenile detention. Here’s how it got there.

When Mark Patterson took over as administrator of the Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility in 2014, he inherited 500 acres of farm ranch — and the care of 26 boys and seven girls between 13 and 19 years old. By 2016, his facility, in Kailua, Oahu, was only holding between five and six girls at a time. And in June, the last girl left the facility. For the first time, there are no girls incarcerated in the state of Hawaii.

Standing in Two Worlds: Native American College Diaries

Native American students are just a tiny fraction of all the college students in the United States. They come with different histories, confronting an education system once used to erase their languages and cultures. In this project, four Indigenous college students tell how they are using higher education to strengthen ties to their Native roots and support their people.

Why schools are still struggling to hire bus drivers, custodians, tutors

Javon May has tried radio ads. He’s planted yard signs. He’s made the rounds at community centers. Still, on his quest to find new bus drivers for the Houston school district, he sometimes comes up short. That’s because he’s up against stiff competition. Other local districts and big delivery companies, like Amazon, need drivers, too.