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How this Colorado science teacher helps students become environmental changemakers

Yajaira Fuentes-Tauber majored in biology at college and planned to go to medical school. But a stop-gap job teaching science in Texas changed the course of her career. “I realized that while I liked medicine, I loved teaching,” she said. Today, Fuentes-Tauber teaches biology at Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, Colorado, and is passionate about increasing access to STEM education and empowering students to become change agents.

For Families Needing the Most Help, Child Care Costs Are About to Drop

The landscape of child care assistance is about to change — and costs are finally coming down. At the end of February, President Joe Biden’s administration announced it was going to require every state to cap its co-payments so that families that receive subsidies pay no more than 7 percent of their income towards child care.

Title III Funding for English Learners, Explained

As the nation’s English-learner population grows each year, more researchers and policymakers are discussing how to best support these students linguistically and academically. Much of that discussion revolves around available resources for these students, including the only federal funding stream designated for this population: Title III of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, specifically Title III’s state formula grants.

George Takei 'Lost Freedom' some 80 years ago – now he's written that story for kids

George Takei was just 4 years old when when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, authorizing the government to forcibly remove approximately 125,000 people from their homes and relocate them to prison camps around the country. Star Trek actor George Takei has written about this time in his life before — once in an autobiography, then in a graphic memoir, and now in his new children’s book, My Lost Freedom.

Bring Back In-Person Field Trips. Here’s Why

Just as peak field trip season was set to get underway in the spring of 2020, the pandemic hit. Schools, and the cultural institutions and countless other organizations that normally welcome K-12 students for experiential learning, closed their doors. A few years later, several factors may still be keeping schools from venturing back to in-person field trips, but a growing body of research, advocacy from some district-level officials, and anecdotes from students provide compelling reasons for bringing back in-person field trips.

17 Authors, 18 Books: The Ambitious Kid Lit Collaboration That Created ‘Mrs. Z’s Class’

Author Kate Messner describes the story behind The Kids in Mrs. Z’s Class, a new multi-author series about all the kids in one elementary school classroom. She writes, “How would we make sure characters’ personalities and voices were consistent from book to book? Would authors be writing the same scenes from varied points of view, or would they be assigned different months of the school year to explore? There was a lot to figure out.”