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Study explores school climate experiences of adolescent immigrants

Adolescents who have recently immigrated to the United States comprise a large, growing population that faces a variety of academic and social-emotional risk factors. A healthy school climate — norms, goals, values and relationships within schools, along with teaching and learning practices, and organizational structures — is a key factor in protecting these newcomer immigrant adolescents from risk and promoting their success in school and life. However, research examining immigrant youths’ perceptions of school climate has been sparse, which limits efforts to develop interventions designed to improve school climate.

Putting compassion on the teacher prep syllabus

A new course, called Cultivating Compassion and Dignity in Ourselves and Our Schools, offered by the University of Colorado, Boulder, teaches the practice of compassion, and the philosophy that guides it. The course, which has been through the university’s review process, was co-designed by a team of educators, researchers and “contemplative experts,” said Ashley Potvin, one of the project’s leaders and a research associate at the university’s Renée Crown Wellness Institute, an interdisciplinary team of academics dedicated to youth wellness.

Talking to your child sensitively about Ukraine

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine plays out in real time across news and social media, many parents and teachers are looking for guidance on how to talk to their young people about the crisis and how they can help.

4 Practical Ways to Make Instruction Accessible for Multilingual Learners

Designing instruction that is accessible to English learners (ELs), or multilingual learners, is of the utmost importance. It’s simply not enough to make content available to learners. That’s like being given a car but no keys to use it. Equitable instruction is instruction that provides every learner with what they need for academic success.

Emilio Delgado Dies: Longtime ‘Sesame Street’ Fix-It Shop Owner Luis Was 81

Emilio Delgado, the actor whose decades-long portrayal of Sesame Street‘s fix-it shop owner Luis Rodriguez endeared him to generations of young viewers and was a pioneering force in TV’s depiction of Mexican-Americans, died in New York City recently just more than two years after being diagnosed with the blood cancer multiple myeloma. He was 81.

Middle Grade Fiction That Sees the Forest for the Trees

What happens to our souls when there is no more wilderness to underwrite them? Three new titles explore that question. “Solimar: The Sword of the Monarchs,” “Every Leaf a Hallelujah” and “Wingbearer” all feature protagonists who become guardians of the natural world, and by extension of human spirituality.

New National Effort to Address Effective Literacy for Multilingual Learners

Researchers, educators, teachers, administrators, school board members, and advocates with expertise in literacy and the education of English learner/emergent bilingual students have come together to form the National Committee for Effective Literacy (NCEL), with the aim of improving research, policies, and practices to ensure that English learner/emergent bilingual students leave school as proficient readers and writers in English (and preferably another language), who thrive and succeed at school and in their communities.