Advocacy for ELLs: Event Archive & Resources

Our first Facebook Live event featured Dr. Diane Staehr Fenner and Colorín Colorado Manager Lydia Breiseth discussing advocacy ideas for English language learners (ELLs). You can find the video archive of the event here, along with related resources mentioned in the chat. 



This Facebook Live event was made possible by generous support from the National Education Association. For additional ideas on ELL advocacy, take a look at the NEA guide, All In! How Educators Can Advocate for ELLs.

Video Archive

You can see the video archive of the event below. All questions and comments from the live chat are available on the original post.

Recommended Books & Guides

Booklist: Advocacy and Leadership

The books on this list include a wide range of practical ideas for advocating on behalf of ELLs, as well as tips on developing leadership skills and encouraging a shared sense of responsibility for ELLs with colleagues and administrators. The booklist includes Diane Staehr Fenner's groundbreaking book, Advocating for English Learners: A Guide for Educators, published by Corwin Press.

NEA Guide: All In! How Educators Can Advocate for English Language Learners

How can educators and other stakeholders become more effective advocates for language-minority students? This National Education Association guide offers strategies, resources, and step-by-step instructions for navigating the real-life issues educators encounter every day.  The guide also features general educators and ELL educators who tell stories about the students who inspired them to act.

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