Take a Break, but Bring a Book!

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Kids look forward to some time away from homework and quizzes, but summer is not a time to take a break from reading! When students don't read for three months, their academic skills can slip. Three months may not seem like a long time, but by middle school, some experts say this down time can put kids up to two years behind!

Reading over the summer not only keeps your child from losing ground, but actually improves skills for the coming year. Here are some suggestions to keep a book in your child's hands over the summer months.

Check with your school

Some schools lend out books over the summer, or may even keep the school library open during certain hours.

Visit your local library

Libraries offer books, audio tapes, videos, and DVDs that can be borrowed for free!

Make fun reading choices

Summer is a great time to explore new authors and illustrators. Check Reading Rockets' Books and Authors section for books by theme. Read the reviews together and have your child choose his or her own books.

Bring along a book

Whenever you leave the house, bring a book with you. Kids can find time to read at the beach, at the park, in the car, on the subway, or waiting in line.

Don't make reading a punishment

Reading should just be a part of your day. Don't have kids miss other summer activities by keeping them inside to read.

Reward reading progress

Add a seashell or a stone to a bucket each time your child reads and shares a book. When you've filled it up, do a fun summer activity like making a nice, cool milkshake together!


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