Finding Diverse Books Across Different Topics and Genres

Find recommendations for diverse books across multiple genres, formats, and topics for both children and young adults.

This article is part of our guide to using diverse books with ELLs.

Lalani of the Distant Sea by Erin Entrada Kelly, illustrations by Lian Cho

Diverse books are available across a myriad of topics and genres. These booklists just begin to scratch the surface, but they include many titles that can be included across the curriculum throughout the year and in book collections.

For many more titles, see the following:

Subject Areas

Math & Science

Note: More bilingual science books are available in our Science Instruction for ELLs booklist.

Social Studies: Biography & Memoir

Biographies for young children

Biographies for kids

Hispanic Heritage

American Indian/Alaska Native

Asian Pacific Heritage

Biographies for young adults

Social Studies & History

Historic events & historical fiction

Hispanic Heritage

Asian Pacific History

Native History

World War II

Holiday & Celebrations

Celebrations and observances across cultures

Winter holidays

Genres / Formats


Books for children

Books for young adults

Short stories

Books for young adults

Note: WNDB has also published multiple anthologies for children and young adults featuring diverse authors.

Graphic novels

See additional graphic novels from's Book Finder.

Fantasy, science fiction, and mystery

Books for young adults

Folk tales

Books for children

Books for young adults

Diverse Communities

Books for children

Books for young adults

Social Issues


See our resource section Using Books About Immigration in the Classroom for an extensive collection of booklists for children and teens.

Race, bias, and prejudice

Social issues

See additional titles from's Book Finder.


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